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Innovative Client Connections Announces Corporate Expansion Into the Detroit Metro Area

Innovative Client Connections announced their newest expansion into Western Michigan. ICC had an outstanding Quarter 1 of productivity in 2018, and exceeded growth expectations for Quarters 2 and 3 2018. Corporate Headquarters are located in Southfield MI, in order to meet the increasing demands ICC's customers and clients throughout the Metro Detroit area.

Detroit, MI, September 26, 2018 --( Innovative Client Connections is expanding to take over the Detroit marketplace. The new office brings an exciting corporate restructure for Calvin Fant, CEO. Currently overseeing multiple offices throughout the Midwest, this expansion into Detroit brings new opportunities to capture a larger audience of clients and consumers. Calvin Fant attributes the success of this expansion into a major market in Michigan to the Management Training Program (MTP), which is designed to cross-train leaders and future managers. “It is a key development program for any aspiring entrepreneur. Our goal is to continue to develop leaders through the MTP who are prepared to manage their own marketing campaigns in new territories; meeting the needs of our clients, and the brands that ICC represents,” states Fant.

Manager Marjorie Bothwell will join Fant to assist in overseeing the expansion. Fant states, "Seeing Ms. Bothwell take full advantage of the opportunity while expanding into a new territory is very exciting. I am even more impressed by her determination and drive to succeed. Growing our organization with such a gifted and talented individual ensures our continued success and growth throughout Michigan and beyond."

The Detroit office is poised for immediate growth due to our most recent client acquisition. Adding a new wireless and mobility campaign to its already impressive portfolio has given ICC the ability to create more positions while continuing to meet and exceed their clients’ demands. 

Calvin Fant plans to manage the entire Detroit Metropolitan area from Southfield MI. He has assembled an expansion team that consists of 3 of the strongest leaders from the Grand Rapids office. Fant says, "This is an experienced ‘Dream Team’ that has proven success and are prepared for the challenges entering into a new market. Top leaders Christyan Success, DeAngelo McKinleyMalone, and Holly Redlawski are joining Fant." Christyan Success says, “the Management Training Program prepared me for this expansion. It provided me with the necessary tools for managing, training, and growing a larger market.” His skill base includes recruiting, retaining, and developing highly competent business professionals and preparing them for the world of entrepreneurship.

DeAngelo McKinleyMalone and Holly Redlawski have both been a part of past expansion efforts. McKinleyMalone states, “I’m honored to be in a position where I can develop and train people to provide for their families, and create a different outlook on life. With the expansion happening, a big market means more training and more opportunity. Game on!”

Holly Redlawski brings her past experiences in successfully marketing big brands. “I’m excited to be a part of this new growth opportunity. Our clients will never say ‘We have enough customers’, so that always puts me in a position to grow to keep up with their demands.” 

About Innovative Client Connections:

Owned and operated by Calvin Fant, Innovative Client Connections is a marketing firm specializing in customer acquisition and retention programs that bring their clients new customers, increased revenue, and brand awareness. For more information, call 231-955-5452 , or go to